• What is WoolQ™?

    The WoolQ™ Portal aims to be a digital hub for the Australian wool industry by delivering information, data, selling choices and trading opportunities to woolgrowers, their agents and other industry professionals in a single online destination.

    The functionality within WoolQ™ is extensive. Some of the things you will be able to do on WoolQ™ include:

    • capture, share and store your clip details digitally;
    • monitor and analyse your clip, test results and current estimated value f your wool;
    • use your data for informed decision-making;
    • identify opportunities to maximise grower returns; and
    • easily engage directly with the wool industry.


  • Who can register to be part of WoolQ™?

    WoolQ™ portal access is restricted to Australian wool industry participants. Only the following will be eligible to register and access the portal:

    • Woolgrowers.
    • Wool classers.
    • Wool brokers.
    • Wool buyers/exporters.
  • When can I start using WoolQ™?

    WoolQ™ is now live! Whilst the WoolQ™ Market tool won’t be available until December 2018, all other key parts of the tool are available for use.

  • What is the WoolQ™ eSpeci? What does it do?

    The WoolQ™ eSpeci is an intuitive and easy-to-use ‘app’ that captures in-shed wool data electronically. The eSpeci works when you have an Internet connection as well as when you’re in-shed without an Internet connection and ‘syncs’ easily once you are back online.

    The WoolQ™ eSpeci also digitises the ‘Wool Book’ and allows for ‘virtual’ collaboration between growers, classers, farm managers and brokers. The WoolQ eSpeci allows for electronic submission directly to your broker via an iPhone, iPad or Android device (with a digital signature). Within the WoolQ™ eSpeci you can attach photos, video and save the eSpeci directly to your WoolQ™ account providing you with the ability to compare clips year-on-year and much more!

  • What technology do I need to access WoolQ™?

    WoolQ™ supports multiple devices. To use WoolQ™, you will need to have a device such as a computer (Windows/Mac), a tablet (iOS/Android), or a Smartphone (iOS/Android). 

    Some parts of WoolQ™ require you to have an active Internet connection, whilst others can be used completely offline, letting you get on with your day-to-day tasks. WoolQ™ will then reconcile the information collected when you get back online.

  • We don’t have Internet connection in our shed, can we still use WoolQ™?

    Yes, WoolQ™ is available to users anywhere, any time. Whether users are in a woolshed or out and about, the WoolQ™ tool can still be accessed.

    For those situations where no Wi-Fi or Internet connection exists, the WoolQ™ App will also be available so that users can still access and record critical information.

    WoolQ™ can be used on a mobile phone, a tablet, a laptop or desktop computer – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • How do I download the WoolQ™ app?

    Downloading the WoolQ™ app is easy:

    • Visit the “App Store” (iOS) or the “Play Store” (Android).
    • Search for “WoolQ” in the search bar.
    • Once WoolQ™ comes up as a result, tap “Get” (iOS) or “Install” (Android) and follow the installation prompts.
  • What do I do if I forget my password?

    Resetting your WoolQ™ password is easy:

    • On the login screen, select “Forgot Password”.
    • When prompted, enter the email address linked to your WoolQ™ account and click/tap the “Send Reset Email” button.
    • In a few moments you will receive an email with a link to reset your password.
    • Once you have received the “password reset” email, access the link and when prompted, enter your new password. Please note that there will be some password restrictions outlined on the page.
  • Will everyone be able to see my personal information?

    We understand not everyone wants their details to be seen, so just like other websites and social media profiles, you're able to make your profile information either private or public. This means that:

    • Individual woolgrower information will not be identifiable in any aggregated data.
    • Users will only be able to see data specific to themselves but are also able to compare/benchmark this against the industry as a whole.
    • The content users see on WoolQ™ will be based on their role within the wool industry. This means that what a woolgrower sees will be different to what a wool buyer or wool classer will see.
    • Woolgrowers may provide their agents – ie brokers – with the ability to access information regarding their wool growing enterprise.
  • Who owns WoolQ™?

    WoolQ™ is a project owned and managed by Australian Wool Innovation Limited (ABN is 12 095 165 558) acting for itself and on behalf of its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively AWI). AWI’s registered address is Level 6, 68 Harrington Street, The Rocks, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia. Phone: (02) 8295 3100. Email: feedback@wool.com.

    AWI is a not-for-profit company that invests in research, development and marketing to increase the long-term profitability of Australian woolgrowers. AWI has offices in key markets around the world to help the company increase the global demand and market access for Australian wool.

  • What information does AWI collect when you use the WoolQ™ services?

    When you use, engage with, access or register for WoolQ™ services, events, activities or online content AWI may request:  

    • personal information such as your name, telephone number, postal address and email address;
    • information and data about your business including your business name, registration number, contact details, clip information, etc
    • technical information such as your IP address. This information is collected via cookies in accordance with our WoolQ™ Cookies Policy available on https://www.woolq.com/about/cookies/.

    By providing the above information or data you enable AWI to provide you with WoolQ™ related services, information and content.

    You do not have to provide your personal information to AWI but if you do not provide the information requested, AWI may not be able to provide you with the WoolQ™ related services, information or content you wish to access.

    All personal information collected about you by AWI is done so in accordance with the WoolQ™ Privacy Policy available on https://www.woolq.com/about/privacy-policy/.  

  • How and why does AWI collect your information and data?

    WoolQ™ collects your information to be able to provide you, your business and the industry with services. WoolQ™ would not be unable to provide services without you inputting information on the platform.

    There can be many benefits to your business in using the platform as well as many benefits to the industry as a whole. Where appropriate AWI aggregates the data provided by WoolQ™ users for research and analysis of the industry for the benefit of the industry.

    The research and analysis can be conducted by AWI or third parties.

    By providing information, personal information or data to AWI, you enable AWI to provide you with the services, information and content related to WoolQ™.

  • Is it common for data of this type to be collected?

    Yes, almost every online platform collects and stores the information from its users. They do this to be able to provide personal and business services. They also analyse the information collected to be able to better understand their users and provide better services. They often will use third parties to analyse the information and provide user insights for further feature development.

  • Do we disclose information about you to others?

    We do not disclose any of your information or data for commercial gain.

    We do share your information and data with third parties in circumstances where it is necessary in order for us to fulfil our obligations to you, for example, to Microsoft our service provider who is responsible for ensuring the data is safe and secure, has access to your data. As part of Microsoft’s agreements with all of their clients, they do not hare or mine it for marketing or advertising purposes.

    If we use your data for analytic purposes we will use efforts to anonymise it.

    We promise to ask you first if we intend to use your data for anything out of the ordinary.

  • How does AWI keep data safe and secure?

    We use Microsoft as a service provider to keep WoolQ™ data safe. They are industry leading in establishing and meeting clear security and privacy requirements. Azure meetings a broad set of international, industry-specific and country-specific compliance standards.

  • What is the difference between a Terms of Use and an EULA?

    Generally speaking, an End User License Agreement (EULA) applies to an agreement that governs use of that which is licensed and typically relates to software. 

    Terms of Use, on the other hand, generally refer to the complete set of broad terms that govern a user's use of a website, an app, or other service. Terms of Use also frequently include licence terms.

  • What waivers are we giving when providing data to WoolQ™?

    A waiver is a voluntary surrender of a right. When you provide your data to WoolQ™, you are not surrendering any rights in relation to that content. On the contrary, you retain ownership in any rights, including intellectual property rights.