WoolQ, formerly known as the Wool Exchange Portal, is the single online destination for woolgrowers and the wool industry to access and interact with industry information, data, selling choices and trading opportunities.

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  • Monitor your inventory
  • See all your data at a glance
  • Track wool price movements
  • Compete and submit a speci
  • Connect with the wool industry

What People Are Saying

I want the data, information and selling choices at my fingertips... so I can decide the best way to sell my wool

Rob Lawrance, VIC

I know what my testing results will be this year compared to last year. I want to input those parameters and see what price I could get for my wool this year based on market performance

Neil Jackson, WA

The WEP will enable the next generation of woolgrowers, and is the digital platform for the future

Tony Flanery, NSW
The Wool Exchange Portal will enable me to provide more selling and marketing options to my Woolgrower clients
Wool Buyer, SA

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