The WoolQ App

The WoolQ App allows you to access the WoolQ eSpeci in-shed where there may be no Wi-Fi or Internet connection. Download the WoolQ App in the App Store or Google Play Store.


Stay on Top of Everything

  • Monitor your inventory
  • See all your data at a glance
  • Track wool price movements
  • Complete and submit an eSpeci
  • Connect with the wool industry

What People Are Saying

The WoolQ eSpeci is really easy to use. I can see how a digital record of all my specis will enable me to view my wool and better understand my farm’s performance.
Neil Jackson, WA

We trialled the WoolQ eSpeci in our shed during February and we can see clear efficiencies not only within shed operations but also the communication flows between ourselves and our brokers during shearing time.

Farm Manager
Matt Crozier, NSW
I love how it keeps things organised and helps prevent manual errors. Digitising the paper speci is a really good thing not just for current wool classers but also for the next generation.
Master Classer
Raelene Laidlaw, VIC
The WoolQ eSpeci should help reduce some of the errors you could have as well as help keep track of bales in the shed and what's left on the truck
Master Classer
Dan Cummins, NSW
It’s really easy to use and I can see how quick things can get when each entry only needs a few taps.
Robbie White, NSW

WoolQ will enable the next generation of woolgrowers, and is the digital platform for the future.

Tony Flanery, NSW

About WoolQ

WoolQ evolved from the concept of a Wool Exchange Portal and aims to become an online HeadQuarters for the Wool Industry

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