Supporting the whole wool-growing and selling cycle

WoolQ™ is a secure online platform where woolgrowers, classers, brokers and buyers can access digital tools to support all stages of the wool-growing and selling cycle.


WoolQ™ at Mine Creek

Watch the grower, classer and broker discuss using the WoolQ™ eSpeci in their recent shearing.

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Watch the WoolQ™ Video

See how WoolQ™ supports the whole wool-growing and selling cycle in our 3 minute overview video.

Take a Guided Tour

Nick Potter from the WoolQ team recently recorded an extensive overview of the WoolQ™ platform with a group of industry peers.

In the guided tour, you can see how each section works as Nick navigates through the platform explaining the components, functionality and benefits.

It's a great way to get to know all the tools. The whole video is round 60 minutes.
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WoolQ™ at Kelvedon

Jack and Anna Cotton from Tasmania discuss using the WoolQ eSpeci and the WoolQ™ platform with their recent shearing.

Industry Network: Directory

The WoolQ™ Industry Network houses Australia’s first industry directory of woolgrowers, classers, brokers and buyers.

Increase your visibility

A website is a great calling card, but it’s difficult to be discovered through internet search engines. The Industry Network Directory makes being found quick and easy as the directory is searchable using common requests such as wool type, geographical location or quality scheme. Key Benefits of the Industry Network Directory include:

  • One location for the whole industry
  • A network of professionals to showcase their products and value-added services to a broader industry network
  • Easy searching for other industry participants, colleagues & service providers

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Marketing Your Brand

Bruce Agars discusses how he and his family transformed their property brand into "Fresh Eyre" to market their wool at a premium.

Industry Network: Build a profile

In the Directory, you can build rich profiles that tell compelling provenance stories that showcase your unique product to an active global audience.

Promote your business

One of the most exciting benefits of listing your business is being able instantly expand your opportunities by displaying your provenence story in your profile.

Consumers are increasingly demanding captivating buying experiences that includes the provenence of the clothes they are buying. Wool is perfectly positioned satisfy this emerging market and wool buyers are looking for growers that have rich and compelling provenence stories that they can use when marketing their brands.

WoolQ is the place to showcase your provenence story because it’s the only place where you can have an immediate connection to buyers. You can provide rich description, images and video to deliver a really compelling storyBuyers like the WoolQ directory because they don’t have to spend hours searching google for different grower websites. They have instant access to sophisticated search functionality to find exactly the wool growers that suit the type of wool and region they are looking for.

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Industry Network: Forum

The Forum is an online meeting place where woolgrowers, classers, brokers and buyers can connect to share ideas, experiences and learnings.

A virtual discussion

In the Forum, registered users can post comments, share ideas and participate in discussions with fellow industry colleagues, enabling:

  • Connection within the wool community (both locally and nationally)
  • Promotion of industry trends and innovations

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Download the updated eSpeci app

The WoolQ™ eSpeci is an electronic version of the paper speci that allows you to capture, share and store your clip details digitally.

Download the updated WoolQ™ App in the App Store or Google Play Store.

Virtual real-time collaboration

An alternative to the current paper speci, the WoolQ eSpeci allows woolgrowers and wool classers to accurately and efficiently capture their in-shed clip data at the time of shearing. Where no Wi-Fi or internet connection exists, the WoolQ App allows users to access, record and store critical information to be uploaded automatically when internet connection is available. Once the WoolQ eSpeci is complete, it can be sent electronically to the broker or shared with any other contact for visibility, traceability and collaboration.

Key Benefits:

  • Eliminates entry errors and illegibility issues.
  • Enables easy sharing of speci between grower, broker and classer.
  • Grower, classer and broker can see clip building in real time.

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Watch the eSpeci in action.

See how the WoolQ™ eSpeci works and why you need to use it for your next shearing.

My WoolQ

The ‘My WoolQ’ tool provides a central archive of all your clip information with simple comparative tools to see what’s happening from one season to the next.

Personalised clip insights

By receiving information in real time and accessing historical information, the central repository delivers a personalised dashboard of tools and insights, enabling: 

  • Woolgrowers and Brokers to forecast better and make more informed decisions regarding the sale of their wool
  • Woolgrowers to gain an insight into the potential clip value of their wool, prior to formal testing results
  • Brokers and Buyers to gain an insight into the upcoming supply of wool
  • Woolgrowers to monitor their inventory

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Lyndon Kubeil Reviews WoolQ

Lyndon Kubeil, a woolgrower in Victoria who classes his own wool, reviews the WoolQ platform. He has been using WoolQ since the early days and recently completed a WoolQ eSpeci for the third time. 

What People Are Saying

The WoolQ eSpeci is really easy to use. I can see how a digital record of all my specis will enable me to view my wool and better understand my farm’s performance.
Neil Jackson, WA

We trialled the WoolQ eSpeci in our shed during February and we can see clear efficiencies not only within shed operations but also the communication flows between ourselves and our brokers during shearing time.

Farm Manager
Matt Crozier, NSW
I love how it keeps things organised and helps prevent manual errors. Digitising the paper speci is a really good thing not just for current wool classers but also for the next generation.
Master Classer
Raelene Laidlaw, VIC
The WoolQ eSpeci should help reduce some of the errors you could have as well as help keep track of bales in the shed and what's left on the truck
Master Classer
Dan Cummins, NSW
It’s really easy to use and I can see how quick things can get when each entry only needs a few taps.
Robbie White, NSW

WoolQ will enable the next generation of woolgrowers, and is the digital platform for the future.

Tony Flanery, NSW

Got a question? Need help? Our help line is available 24/7. Email or just call 1800 070 099.

Ready Reckoner

The ‘Ready Reckoner’ tool has two sections, aimed at helping you gauge the value and assess the performance of your clip: 

‘Market Analysis’ allows you to get an instant estimate of the value of your clip from up-to-date market pricing.

‘Market Results’ allows you to see recent sale prices to benchmark and evaluate your clip performance against similar wool in the market.
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WoolQ™ Market

The WoolQ Market will offer two alternative options for trading.

A bulletin board of buying and selling interest available on a 24/7 basis.

An online auction available at various times outside the existing open-cry auction.

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Help and Support

WoolQ has been designed to be easy to use, but we understand that many growers don’t use online tools every day.

That’s why you’ll find comprehensive video guides that take you through each tool, step by step in the Support section and our help line is open whenever you need support.

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WoolQ™ Partners

WoolQ™ proudly collaborates with the following industry participants and technology providers.
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