WoolQ Market

Wool trading made easy. WoolQ Market is a centralised online marketplace for the sale of wool that is housed within the WoolQ platform.

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WoolQ Market

WoolQ Market makes Australian wool trading easy, fast and efficient for buyers and sellers.

The online marketplace consists of an on-line auction, operating outside the open cry market hours.

Some benefits of WoolQ Market include:

  • Ease of use for buyers and sellers
  • Centralised inventory
  • Time-saving search features
  • Simple provenance discovery

Growers' front row seat

Growers using WoolQ™ won't be able to buy or sell but will have viewing access to the WoolQ Market. They can watch the sale of their wool as it happens in the live auction.

Lots listed on auction link directly to the grower’s profile. This provides an unprecedented opportunity for growers to tell their brand and provenance story directly to buyers.  

Growers don't have to do anything, they'll automatically have viewing access when the market is live. Only brokers and buyers must pre-register to be able to trade.


There are help videos that make it easy to get started on WoolQ.

Wool trading made easy

WoolQ Market has been designed for ease of use for brokers and buyers. Brokers can easily enter lots onto the platform from their catalogue, following traditional transmission procedures. Buyers can easily find specific types and quantities of wool they need. The platform brings all the advantages of the digital revolution to wool trading.

To be able to trade, brokers and buyers will need to be certified. 


What the industry is saying...

I believe online selling will enable more buyers to access my wool, it’s as simple as that. 
George Millington, Collinsville Merinos
WoolQ is now a proven digital selling option, which is efficient and provides a good user experience.
Wool Buyer
Kevin Xing, Natsun Australia
WoolQ Market is a cost effective, trustworthy, modern electronic selling system.
Alister Carr, KareeWool

WoolQ is missing part of the puzzle, we can track everything through to sale.

Wool Manager
Martin Kay, Elders SA

Got a question? Need help? Our help line is available 24/7. Email info@woolq.com or just call 1800 070 099.

WoolQ Market Demonstration

A look at how the WoolQ Market auction works from the buyers and brokers perspectives. 

Operating Procedures

Download the WoolQ Market Operating  Procedures to find out how to: 

  • Register to buy and sell
  • Upload wool for sale
  • Place bids
  • Pay for wool
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Need further help? Please email info@woolq.com or call 1800 070 099.