Whether you are in-shed or out and about, WoolQ can be accessed on a mobile, tablet or laptop. Use WoolQ anywhere, any time!

National Wool Industry Online Network & Forum

An online registry and industry discussion forum enabling participants to build a rich profile of their business and to network with other wool industry groups & individuals.

Promote your business

By Registering with WoolQ, woolgrowers, classers, buyers, and brokers, can create a rich profile of their business and brand (including business background, contact details, logos & imagery), enabling:

  • The sharing of provenance stories
  • A network of professionals to showcase their products and value-added services to a broader industry network
  • Easy searching for other industry participants, colleagues & service providers

A virtual discussion

The Online Forum is a virtual discussion site where industry participants can connect and interact to share ideas, experiences and learnings, facilitating:

  • Connection within the wool community (both locally and nationally)
  • Promotion of industry trends and innovations

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Central Repository of Woolgrower Data

A central collection and interpretation of useful, current and historical data (such as in-shed wool classer data, price and sales data, and wool test data) enabling a more efficient flow of data, rich insights and more informed decision making.

In shed data capture

The digital speci tool captures data in shed electronically, in real time, delivering a host of efficiency benefits.  Not only will errors caused by illegibility and manual data entry mistakes reduce, but easier sharing (and archiving) of documentation will be achieved, together with improved ease of access for multiple contributors to a richer collection of information.

Personalised data insights

By receiving current data in real time and disseminating historical data, the central repository delivers a personalised dashboard of data and insights, enabling: 

  • Woolgrowers and Brokers to forecast better and make more informed decisions regarding the sale of their wool
  • Woolgrowers to gain an insight into the potential clip value of their wool, prior to formal testing results
  • Brokers and Buyers to gain an insight into the upcoming supply of wool
  • Woolgrowers to monitor their inventory

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Virtual Selling Tool – Ready Reckoner

A user-friendly online evaluation tool that will provide woolgrowers with the ability to gauge the value of their wool and determine the optimum selling approach.

Insights based on unique Woolgrower data

By generating calculations and scenarios based on the woolgrower’s unique data within the central repository, the ready reckoner tool enables:

  • Woolgrowers to identify the optimum selling option for them (i.e. timing and method of sale), based on their own unique set of parameters
  • Woolgrowers to broadly estimate the value of their various clips

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Bulletin Board of Buying/Selling interest

Launching in late 2018. A visible interactive marketplace open 24/7 that enables the matching of buying and selling interests for the sale and purchase of any tested/marketable wool.

Buying and selling interests

By providing the forum for woolgrowers and brokers to publicly list any tested wool they have for sale and for Buyers to list any buying interest they have, the Bulletin Board enables:

  • Buyers/Processors to promote their buying interest to a captive audience
  • Woolgrowers to test the market with their wool offers
  • Simple and transparent matching of buying and selling interests
  • Greater visibility of and access to wool supply including commercial volumes and specific order requirements
  • Better access to forward sale opportunities

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Links to Industry Approved Selling / Trading Platforms

Direct links are provided on WoolQ to various selling and trading platforms, enabling users to quickly and efficiently view and interact with alternative trading opportunities.


Online WoolQ Tutorials

A collection of short, easy to follow online tutorials are available to help users fully understand the functionality of WoolQ and to maximise the value the portal can deliver to your individual enterprise.