Value your clip against the market

The ‘Ready Reckoner’ tool has two sections, aimed at helping you gauge the value and assess the performance of your clip: 

‘Market Analysis’ allows you to get an instant estimate of the value of your clip from up-to-date market pricing.

‘Market Results’ allows you to see recent sale prices to benchmark and evaluate your clip performance against similar wool in the market.
  • Estimate the price of your clip
  • See recent sale prices for your wool type
  • Gain valuable insights into when to sell
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How does the Ready Reckoner work?

See how the Ready Reckoner works on the platfrom to estimate the value of your wool clip. 

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What the industry is saying...

Benchmarking 15 years of woolgrowing at the touch of a button? To me, WoolQ is a no-brainer.

Anna Cotton, Kelvedon Estate TAS

The beauty of WoolQ is having all my data in one spot, easy access. No filing cabinets stuffed full of paper to sort through.

Lyndon Kubeil, Laurana VIC

WoolQ is missing part of the puzzle, we can track everything through to sale.

Wool Manager
Martin Kay, Elders SA

Lyndon Kubeil Reviews WoolQ

Lyndon Kubeil, a woolgrower in Victoria who classes his own wool, reviews the WoolQ platform. He has been using WoolQ since the early days and recently completed a WoolQ eSpeci for the third time. 

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