• What WoolQ is not?
    • A replacement for the open-cry auction;
    • A tool to disintermediate wool selling brokers;
    • An attempt to implement “sale by description”;
    • A tool delivering back-end services such as testing, logistics and funding.
  • When can I start using WoolQ?

    WoolQ is currently in development, and will be available in July 2018. To receive progress updates and early access invitations register now via this website. For any assistance, please email us on info@woolq.com or simply call the AWI Helpline on 1800 070 099.

  • What technology do I require to access WoolQ?

    To use WoolQ, you will need to have a device such as a computer (Windows/Mac), a tablet (iOS/Android), or a Smartphone (iOS/Android). Some parts of WoolQ requires you to have an active internet connection, whilst others can be used completely offline, letting you get on with your day to day tasks. WoolQ will then reconcile the information collected when you get back online.

  • Will everyone be able to see my personal information?

    We understand not everyone wants their details to be seen, so just like other websites and social media profiles, you're able to make your profile information either private or public. This means that:

    • Individual woolgrower information will not be identifiable in any aggregated data;
    • Users will only be able to see data specific to themselves but are also able to compare/benchmark this against the industry as a whole. 
    • The content users see on WoolQ will be based on their role within the wool industry. This means that what a woolgrower sees will be different to what a wool buyer or wool classer will see.
    • Woolgrowers may provide their agents – brokers – with the ability to access information regarding their wool growing enterprise.
  • What do I do if I forget my password?

    Once the WoolQ portal goes live in July 2018, you are able to reset your password via www.woolq.com or via the app on your iOS/Android device. Please note you will need to have some of your details on hand so we can confirm your identity.

  • Who can register to be part of WoolQ?

    WoolQ portal access will be restricted to Australian wool industry participants. Only the following will be eligible to register and access the portal:

    • Woolgrowers;
    • Woolclassers;
    • Wool Brokers; and
    • Wool Buyers / Exporters.